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Welcome to your one-stop source for making Ohio’s hardwoods industry work for you. Are you looking to buy, harvest or sell hardwood, processed lumber, or timber? Choose our Primary category. To buy or sell wood products or services like furniture, finishing, millwork, pallets or mulch, select the Secondary category. If you’re searching for a specialized wood item or craft such as a musical instrument, urn, or woodturning, visit the Specialty Wood Products category.

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From timber harvesting, logging, and lumber to furniture, millwork and wooden instruments, the Ohio Wood Products Directory can put you in touch with the resources you’re looking for—right now.

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Appalachian Ohio’s
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Opportunity Made in the Shade

This website was created to serve as a hub where the world connects to buy and sell Appalachian Ohio’s hardwood products. If hardwoods are a part of your business, this is the tool you need to thrive. To learn how we can help you, contact our team at info@ohiowoodproducts.com.

How Can Ohio’s Hardwoods Work For You?

No matter your perspective on Ohio hardwoods, from around the corner to around the world and anywhere in between, this is where wood works for you.


300+ Sawmills

With over 20 billion cubic feet of standing timber, some of the most coveted hardwoods in the world, more than 300 sawmills in our Wood Products Directory and the most talented logging labor in the US, how could Ohio hardwoods not work for you?


#1 in Wood Furniture

When you consider over 700 million feet of hardwoods harvested each year, the #1 wood furniture employer in the US, the heart of Amish furniture production, and easy access to major river, road and rail, this is how the economies of scale tip in your favor.


0 Carbon Footprint

When you choose Ohio’s Appalachian hardwoods or wood products like furniture, pellets or paper, you’re also supporting responsible forestry management that can replace every tree harvested with 2.4 in its place while creating a minimal carbon footprint.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I called the wood team very early in the concept phase where we identified… research projects involving quality assurance, ambient temperature/humidity concerns, and troubleshooting techniques. The API Wood Team has been very supportive of marketing this new product line and continues to assist as we look at the expansion of current production capabilities at our facility.”

Phil Yoder - Owner

“We have benefited by allowing the wood team to assist on the shop floor with the continuous improvement process, designing product samples, evaluating product flow… My experience working with the API Wood Team has been very positive. They are professional team of high integrity and truly strive to provide lasting value to the clients and companies they serve.”

Tim Crabtree - Owner