Solid Solutions for the Hardwoods Industries

Making Wood Work for the World

Ohio Wood Products is a service organization dedicated to providing needs-based solutions to Appalachian Ohio hardwoods and wood products industries.

While the necessary elements had long been in place for a vibrant hardwoods economy—including some of the most coveted hardwoods in the nation, a vibrant workforce, a robust transportation system and a strong Amish community—some elements were missing.

The supply chain of loggers, craftsmen and manufacturers was disjointed and often lacked the national and international visibility needed to reach the levels of success they were capable of. Misinformed consumers all too often stayed away from wood products in favor of their synthetic counterparts, unaware of what a wise environmental, as well as economic, choice hardwood is.

How We Serve You

Today, Ohio Wood Products serves Ohio’s 32 Appalachian-designated counties through an ecosystem of support for regional hubs of wood products manufacturers. A dynamic Hardwoods Product Directory gives Ohio hardwoods access to the world, and vice-versa. And through an annual membership-based subscription program, OWP provides consultative services at a far greater value than would otherwise be possible or practical.

This is how we’re helping to make Ohio Wood Work for the World.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I called the wood team very early in the concept phase where we identified… research projects involving quality assurance, ambient temperature/humidity concerns, and troubleshooting techniques. The API Wood Team has been very supportive of marketing this new product line and continues to assist as we look at the expansion of current production capabilities at our facility.”

Phil Yoder - Owner

“We have benefited by allowing the wood team to assist on the shop floor with the continuous improvement process, designing product samples, evaluating product flow… My experience working with the API Wood Team has been very positive. They are professional team of high integrity and truly strive to provide lasting value to the clients and companies they serve.”

Tim Crabtree - Owner