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Wood furniture builders in Ohio are often looking for new customers, so here are a few options for you to remember if you would like to submit bids to organizations who purchase furniture.

Public and private schools – School districts are often in need of a wide range of bulk furniture items that suppliers in Ohio are selling. Items such as desks, chairs, tables, shelves and even benches are just a few of the items. Schools often need furniture for new facilities, renovations and just updating their properties, so be sure to watch for their requests for furniture bids.

County, city, village and township governments – All of these government organizations have to run offices for a wide range of public services, and they occasionally ask for furniture bids for their needs. Be sure to watch the public notices for bids in your area.

Prisons – Prison facilities also often have to update their furniture inventory, and they need a variety of products you may be able to offer. You’ll want to watch for federal, local and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction prison facilities in your area.

Colleges and universities – Much like school districts, you will want to watch for bids for furniture for colleges and universities in your region, as they need often need furniture for offices, classrooms, living spaces, recreational facilities, dining halls and a wide range of uses.

State and federal government offices and facilities – Many business owners forget about watching for bids for the state and federal government facilities in their areas, but they also have a wide range of properties that need furniture, and they may be the customers you are looking for to sell your products.

For more information on organizations where you can submit bids for selling bulk furniture in the region, contact our staff members today.

It’s certainly important to go the traditional routes with looking for bids. It’s also important, though, to place bids with businesses and organizations you may not have worked with previously.

You may be able to reach customers in fields you may not have considered previously. Finding new places where you can submit furniture bids can help you expand your customer base.

Also, after you submit bids for furniture products, you may learn more about the demand for new products in your region. Studying this demand can help you adjust your production to meet the demand.

The experts here at Ohio Wood Products can help you look for new options for submitting bids for wood furniture.