Author: OWP Writer

We know you love your hardwood furniture, so here are a few tips for keeping it in good shape.

Clean it with warm water and mild dish soap – You don’t need to worry that using water will harm your furniture. Warm water and mild dish soap are great for keeping your hardwood furniture clean. Using a soft cloth that has warm water and soap on it will do the trick in most instances.

Dust regularly – It’s important to dust your hardwood furniture every few days to keep it looking nice. This will also make sure the dust does not settle into the wood.

Don’t place your hardwood furniture in the sun or near a heating vent

Be careful about where you place your furniture – You don’t want it to set where it will regularly be in the sunlight coming through the windows. Over time, the sunlight can cause the wood to dry, shrink and crack. It can also cause the finish to fade. In addition, you don’t want to place your furniture close to heating units or next to the vents. The dry heat from the heating units and vents can cause the wood to dry, shrink and crack.

Keep the surfaces covered when appropriate – For a wood table, for example, be sure to use tablecloths and/or place-mats. This will protect the table from water rings. If you do end up with rings, there are several solutions for eliminating them. You can see a few ideas in this video from

Clean up spills quickly – Don’t let the spills stay on your fine furniture.

Prevent bug infestations in your homes – Bugs can destroy your hardwood furniture. Be sure to take care of any problems in your home quickly.

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