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Many people often have questions over the differences between air dried wood and kiln dried wood, so we wanted to give you a brief description here today.

What is Air Dried Wood?

Air dried wood is the traditional method for drying, and it is just as it sounds. Air drying involves taking sawn timber and storing it in a location that is clean, dry, temperate and shady. The wood is also stacked on raised foundations and the levels are separated in order to assist with the drying process.

Air drying wood can take from a few weeks up to several months to complete, depending on the type of wood and the thickness.

What is Kiln Dried Wood?

Kiln drying wood involves placing the sawn lumber into kilns where the heat can be circulated around the wood. In addition, the temperature and the RH level of the kiln is monitored and controlled carefully in order to allow the wood to reach the proper equilibrium moisture content for the planned uses for the wood.

Which is better?

Most companies that make products such as flooring, furniture and cabinets use kiln dried lumber. This kiln dried lumber is desired by many manufacturers because it is less likely to warp, twist or break.

Air dried lumber, by comparison, is often used for making patio furniture, fences and decks.

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Air dried wood and kiln dried wood both have distinct advantages. The best choice for you depends on what you are planning for the wood.

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