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Ohio residents who are looking to have timber cut on their land have a large number of logging companies in Ohio to work with. Logging is big business in the state, and if you want to have some timber cut, you will want to look closely at the options you have for the logging companies that you can work with.

Our website lists a large number of logging companies in Ohio on our Wood Products Directory, and we hope you will check it out today. The Directory provides information on logging companies located all across the state, and we are confident you will find one or more that are located close to you.

The Directory is easy to navigate and provides you with information on the suppliers and manufactures listed. Ohio is fortunate to have so many outstanding logging companies, and we are proud of the excellent companies that we work with. We know that you will find quality logging companies to fit your needs.

When you begin working with logging companies, it’s a good idea to follow a few tips. The Ohio Extension Office offers several valuable tips on this fact sheet, including deciding if you want to sell the timber to the logging company in a lump-sum sale or in a sale by unit process. Another key point is to request notification a few days before the logging is set to begin and then to check on the logging once it begins in order to make sure it meets the stipulations of your agreement.

If you would like to receive additional information on working with logging companies in Ohio, timber marketing and woodland management, you may also want to contact a professional forester through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Forestry. The Division of Forestry has professional foresters located all across the state who can provide you with free assistance with items such as selecting trees that should be harvested. In addition, these professional foresters may be able to provide you with limited marketing assistance.

You may also be interested in contacting consulting foresters who will charge a fee to provide you with marketing services and assistance. The county offices of the Ohio State University Extension Office can help you find the contact information for consulting foresters located near you, and you can also contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or the Ohio Association of Consulting Foresters for additional information on working with a consulting forester in your region.

Ohio is home to a large number of highly-respected logging companies, and we encourage you to use all of the resources available to you in order to find the right logging company in your region to fit the needs for your project and your property.

If you have questions about dealing with logging companies in Ohio, or you just want more information on the outstanding logging companies that we work with, we hope you will contact us by calling 740-753-5359, sending us an email at [email protected]hiowoodproducts.com or by stopping into our offices on the Public Square in historic, downtown Nelsonville, Ohio.