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Here are a few tips to see if you have oak hardwood flooring or furniture made of oak.

The most common types of wood used in homes in the U.S. are oak, pine and maple. Oak is the most common wood used in homes built in the 1950s and later. Oak flooring is beautiful, durable and widely available. All of this helps to explain why it is so popular in the U.S.

In addition, oak is a traditional hardwood used for flooring and cabinets. You have likely seen Amish oak furniture and oak floors countless times throughout your life. Oak wood has a distinctive open and porous grain texture. It also has a flame pattern that is easily recognizable in oak hardwood flooring.

In most cases, oak wood is straight-grained and the texture is uneven. Oak wood is also often water resistant. There is a difference, though, between the types of oak woods and their water resistance. White oak is more water resistant than red oak.

Differences between white oak and red oak

Red and white oak have several differences. White oak is often a color between light beige and brown. Red oak has pink and red hues. Red oak has bold and strong grain lines in its patterns. White oak, meanwhile, has a smooth look and grain lines that are more delicate.

Many people prefer red oak because they believe the grain lines hide scratches. Others prefer white oak because they enjoy the simple grain lines.

To see numerous images of oak flooring, check out websites such as this one from The Flooring Girl.

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Red and white oak trees are abundant in Ohio and throughout the eastern part of the U.S. The hardwood is very popular and affordable. It also has numerous advantages for flooring, cabinets and furniture. For oak hardwood flooring Ohio has plenty of outstanding suppliers. We are confident you can purchase the oak you need at affordable prices right here in the region.

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