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If you want to earn a degree in forestry, you have several options in Ohio.

In fact, Ohio Forestry programs are offered all around the state. These programs all have different strengths and provide various options.

The Ohio State University offers a Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife major. This major offers several areas of study, including looking at the biological, economic and social aspects of managing forests. In addition, the program provides coursework that is required for certification with the Society of American Foresters.

Another Ohio Forestry option is at Kent State University, which offers an Urban Forestry program. This is part of the Horticulture Technology program, which emphasizes practical experience through hands-on training in outdoor labs.

Ohio University, meanwhile offers a Plant and Forest Ecology program. The faculty in this program research different aspects of forest biology. This ranges from basic ecological processes to applied management concerns.

The hardwood forests of southeastern Ohio are often used as a laboratory ecosystem for the program.

Forestry at Hocking College

Ohio ForestryHocking College is well-known for its environmental programs, especially its Forest Management program. The program examines topic such as forest ecology, reforestation and reclamation. Students learn how to collect and interpret forest data, documentation of environmental conditions and the implementation of forest management practices.

This video on the Hocking College video program offers more information.

At Bowling Green State University, the Ecology & Conservation Biology program trains its students for numerous careers. These include natural resource management, urban forestry, wildlife ecology, aquatic biology and agricultural research.

These programs all offer different options to fit what students are looking for. In addition, several other forestry programs are offered at the numerous outstanding colleges and universities all across Ohio.

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