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Southeast Ohio offers some of the best scenery in the world, as the foothills of Appalachia and the magnificent forest combine to form a rich, rolling landscape that is breathtaking in every season.

Ohio Forestry is gorgeous around the state, but there is something special about the woodlands in southeastern Ohio.

The fall is the time that gains the most attention, as people travel from far and wide to enjoy the changing of the leaves on the picturesque hills of the region. Walking through the state parks, driving through the woodlands or just vacationing in a lodge or cabin, the forested hills and valleys are gorgeous at this time of year.

After the leaves fall, though, the forests are still majestic in the winter. While we love the colors of fall, the white snow and ice covering the trees and hills throughout the winter give the region a majestic look. Walking through a quiet winter forest in southeastern Ohio provides you with a unique perspective.

And when spring arrives it is another special time as the leaves appear on the trees, the flowers burst forth from the ground and the forests come to life once again. It is amazing to see the rich colors of spring in the woodlands and to appreciate the rich natural habitat of the region.

And when summer arrives, the weather is perfect for walking, bicycling or riding through the shaded woodlands of this part of Ohio. In addition, there are festivals and concerts held around the region, so that visitors can enjoy the special events in addition to the natural wonders of the region.

Ohio Forestry is beauty all of the year round, but we hope you will especially check out the forests of southeast Ohio the next time you are ready to go exploring.

One of the most popular woodlands in Ohio is the Wayne National Forest. The Wayne National Forest covers a quarter of a million acres of land in southeastern Ohio. Inside the majestic forest, you will find more than 300 miles of trails. These trails are used for hiking, all-terrain vehicle riding, mountain biking or horseback riding in season. The season for the ATVs, mountain bikes and horseback riding begins in mid-April and continues until mid-December.

Ohio has several options for forests to visit, and they are all special in their own way. Our woodlands also draw visitors from around the country and the world every year.

We hope you will also visit Ohio’s forests soon and enjoy the majesty of our scenic woodlands.

This article from Tourism Ohio provides additional information on places to hike in the region, and you are invited to contact our staff members for additional information on the forests of southeast Ohio.

This video from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources provides some beautiful footage of the forests of the region in the fall.