Ohio Forests: It’s amazing to think about how much Ohio’s forests have changed throughout the history of our country.

When the United State of America was founded, the land that is now the state of Ohio was mostly forest. Some estimates, in fact, say that forests covered up to 95 percent of the land in the state. It’s said that a squirrel could travel from Lake Erie to the Ohio River ohio-forests-lumber-mills-ohiowithout ever touching the ground.

The first few lumber mills in Ohio began appearing in the late 1700s. They became more popular in the 1800s as more people moved into the region. By the 1820s, there were hundreds of lumber mills in Ohio. At that time, the land was being cleared for mainly for farming and the landscape changed tremendously.

The clearing of the forests continued throughout the century at an astounding rate. By the beginning of the 1900s, only 10 percent of the land was covered with forests.

Rebuilding Ohio’s forests

The American Forestry Movement began in the late 1800s in order to try to preserve and rebuild the woodlands. Ohio, in fact, created a state forest agency in 1885.

The state government, along with private landowners, then worked to increase the forests in Ohio throughout the 1900s. That movement to preserve and care for forests has continued until today. You can read more about the amazing history Ohio’s forests on this Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.

Currently, it is estimated that 31 percent of the state is covered by forests. And in today’s forests, 96 percent of the trees are hardwood lumber.

Of the woodlands, 88 percent today are owned by private landowners.

We are fortunate to have so many excellent logging companies in Ohio in order to log trees professionally. The state and the private landowners also do an excellent job of taking care of their lands.

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