The Differences Between Red and White Oaks

Red and white oaks have quite a few differences. Oak is a very popular and practical wood to use for flooring and other projects.

It is a wood that is easily available and is often very affordable. It is also easy to stain, and many people like to work with oak.
When it comes to oak hardwood flooring Ohio has plenty of great options. In fact, we are fortunate to have so many red and white oak Ohio suppliers in our region.

Many people do no realize, though, the differences between red and white oak. Here are few differences to keep in mind.

Red and White OaksWhen it comes to color, red oak is pinker and lighter than white oak. White oak is often a little darker and sometimes more yellow.

Also with the look of the wood, the red oak graining is stronger. The white oak, meanwhile, looks smoother. Some people like the strong grains of red oak because it can hide dents and scratches. Others prefer the look of the white oak, as it can look simpler and less busy.

Red oak is a little softer and is more susceptible to dents than white oak.

White Oak is Often Preferred for Outdoor Furniture

Because white oak is more resistance to rotting, it is often used in outdoor furniture, boats and outdoor items. Red oak is often used for interior items such as cabinets and indoor furniture. The price of red and white oaks are often very similar. Prices will fluctuate at times, but both are affordable. With so many red and white oak Ohio suppliers, you have numerous options to purchase the oak you need.

The suppliers can also provide you with more information about choosing the right wood for your project. You are also encouraged to talk with the experts at Ohio Wood Products for more information.

For information on the red oak trees and white oak trees in Ohio, check out this information from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.