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Planting unlimited potential. Harvesting the greater good. was created to serve the greater good. Our team is committed to developing enduring value for the companies and communities impacted by the wood products supply chain.

The development of was originally funded by APEG’s Forest to Furniture (F2F) Program. This grant funding was never intended to be permanent, but, rather, to help incubate a robust and viable single source for Ohio’s wood sector.

That source is, and it has been refined to even better serve the hardwoods sector. The Ohio Hardwoods Products Directory Map mirrors every level of supply chain availability. The Wood Manufacturing Consultancy has grown its collective expertise. And more and more, the world is learning just how valuable and important Ohio’s Appalachian hardwood industry is and the impressive stories it has to tell.

The Face of Appalachian Hardwoods is increasingly becoming the face of Ohio’s Appalachian Hardwoods Industry. Your support of this platform will help ensure success of the market as a whole. It will also enhance your visibility in this market, across the country and around the world.

Four membership levels have been created so you can choose the level that best fits your needs. Regardless of which level you choose, you’ll continue to enjoy our unmatched commitment to Ohio’s hardwoods industry.