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Amish Furniture Builders and Sawmills Play a Key Role in the Ohio Market

By OWP Writer | 10/25/2018

Ohio boasts one of the largest Amish populations in the country and is fortunate to have a large number of high quality Amish Furniture Builders. In fact, in the eastern counties of Appalachian Ohio, the primarily-Amish furniture making companies represent one of the largest hardwood manufacturing sectors in the United States. The Amish Furniture Builders Read more…

Hardwood exports are big business for the U.S. and Ohio

By OWP Writer | 10/18/2018

Hardwood Exports Ohio Most people just look at the tree growth in Ohio and notice the scenic beauty they provide, but hardwood exports are big business. In 2016, hardwood lumber exports in the United States totaled a $2.3 billion market, according to a report from the (pdf) Ohio Extension Office. That same report shows that the Read more…

How to find a Request for Quote or Request for Proposal for Wood Manufacturing

By OWP Writer | 10/10/2018

How to find an RFP for Lumber & Logs; Request for Quote or Request for Proposal for Wood Manufacturing If you are in the wood manufacturing business, you are always on the lookout for new customers and projects. One of the most challenging parts of the business can be finding the right Requests for Proposals Read more…

Ohio Wood Products – New Website!

By OWP Writer | 10/03/2018

Welcome to Ohio Wood Products Website, the best place to go for all of your wood product needs. Our organization was started in 2013 in order to connect manufacturers in Ohio and to provide Ohio businesses with high-value services at little or no cost. We designed this new Ohio Wood Products website in order to Read more…

OFA Annual Meeting Presentations Now Online

By Jesse Roush | 03/19/2018

The 2018 Ohio Forestry Association Annual Meeting was held February 27-March 1, 2018 at the Embassy Suites in Dublin Ohio. The meeting began with a reception on Tuesday evening with a reception at the Juniper Rooftop Restaurant in downtown Columbus. Attendees were bused (Sponsored by Tiverton TImber)  from the hotel to the Juniper where they Read more…

USDA declares war on spotted lanternfly, will spend $17.5M

By Jesse Roush | 02/22/2018

The federal government said Wednesday it plans to spend millions of dollars on a massive offensive to fight a foreign invader already in Pennsylvania’s midst. The invader: the inch-long, black-dotted, red-winged spotted lanternfly. Rest of the story here:

Analyzing a look back….

By Jesse Roush | 02/22/2018

Author: F2F Project Associate Patrick Bolton As I reflect on the last 30 years of my career, I’m forced to analyze choices I made and the direction I followed. I’ve always been fascinated with analyzing data, then deciphering how to use that data to tell a story. As an analyst, everything to me is visual. Read more…

Wayne National Forest to Revise Land Management Plan

By Jesse Roush | 02/18/2018

Link to full story below. Wayne National Forest to Revise Land Management Plan

Global Pellet Market Outlook in 2018

By Jesse Roush | 02/18/2018

Global pellet markets have increased significantly over the last decade, mostly because of demand from the industrial sector… Click here for the rest of the story:

Notes from the Shop Floor – 2/18/18

By Jesse Roush | 02/18/2018

Author: F2F Techincal Assistance Project Associate Frank Roberts While deciding what topic to kick off the “Notes from Shop Floor”, I considered my work history over the past 40 years. These jobs ranged from manufacturing plastic components, high explosives, semi-trailers, kitchen cabinets, and enriching uranium. A common theme in all these industries is workplace safety. Read more…