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When you are looking for walnut lumber for sale Ohio is fortunate to have a large number of outstanding suppliers. The walnut suppliers in Ohio are among the best in the country. If you are building furniture, walnut is a great choice for several reasons.

First of all, walnut is known as a strong, hard and durable wood. In addition, walnut is excellent for carving and shaping. After it is carved, it is a wood that is able to hold its shape well and remain durable. In addition, walnut works well with hand and machine tools.

Walnut is often the choice for intricate furniture pieces such as headboards, antique-style tables or mantelpieces.
When choosing walnut lumber for your furniture project, look for wood with a straight grain. You can learn more about walnut from the American Hardwood Information Center.

The color of walnut lumber

In addition to the strength and durability, walnut is also an excellent choice due to its color. The color can range from chocolate brown to a yellow, depending on where the wood was in the tree. The wood from the center of the tree is generally darker, and can be found as chocolate brown. The wood from the outer portion of the tree is often much lighter.

No matter which shade you choose, walnut lumber is widely regarded as beautiful. This is one reason so many people enjoy building furniture with walnut.

With so much walnut lumber for sale Ohio has numerous suppliers where you can talk with experts on hand.

Some more info on Ohio Walnut

Ohio Walnut trees are common all across Ohio. The trees also tend to spread easily thanks to the help of squirrels. Squirrels are fond of gathering up walnuts and then burying them, which helps new trees to grow. Walnut trees can grow as high as 70 feet tall. They can also span up to 70 feet wide. While they are most common in open fields and in low-lying areas, the trees are popular in different landscapes across the state. The trees prefer to grow in moist, rich and well-drained soil where they can also receive a good amount of sunlight. They can also grow in relatively dry and not as rich soils, but they may not grow as tall.

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