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A Few Tips on Selling Standing Timber in Ohio

If you are looking to sell some of the timber on your property, you likely will want to find out first who buys standing timber in Ohio. Luckily, you have a wide range of options of businesses and organizations to work with, and we are listing a few of them here for you. This is not an endorsement of these organizations, just a few examples of options available to you in your search.

Ohio Timber Buyers - As the name indicates, Ohio Timber Buyers purchases timber around Ohio. They argue that because they use the correct harvesting methods, they help timber on the land to regrow quickly in order to best benefit the property owners.

K&B Lumber – K&B Lumber makes the point that they use modern forestry techniques and sustainable logging practices in order to ensure minimal disruption to the land, which benefits future timber growth and harvests.

Yoder Lumber - Yoder Lumber provides a great deal of information on its website about the timber buying process, harvesting plans and even property tax reductions.

Here at Ohio Wood Products, we also provide information on a wide range of information on all facets of the wood industry, and special services such as our Vendor Listings and our Supply Chain Map are excellent resources to help you find just the right organization in your region who buys standing timber in Ohio.

In addition to conducting your search, you also may wish to check on the different prices for timber. The Ohio Timber Price report is produced twice a year and is made up of information received from Ohio forest product companies. You can find the latest Ohio Timber Price reports here.

Ohio has a lot of options for selling timber, and we encourage you to compare prices and services when you are searching for a timber harvester. For more information, contact our staff members today.

You are proud of your standing timber and you deserve to sell it for the best price possible. Don’t rush into a sale. Also, don’t let anyone talk you into selling your timber if you are not comfortable with the price. It’s important to take your time and study your options. When you are comfortable with all of the terms of the sale, then you should move ahead.

If you have questions about selling your standing timber, we encourage you to reach out to the experts here at Ohio Wood Products. We have professionals who work in all aspects of the wood industry, and we are here to help you.